Why Portugal analyzes ‘state of the art’ export of Portuguese music

The state of the art of Portuguese musical exports is analyzed, on November 15 and 16, in Leiria, in the first conference that will bring together professionals and institutions of the sector, which will be attended by the Minister of Culture.

Why Portugal Music Export brings together professionals and institutions from the music sector, over the two days, with the objective of evaluating the state of musical exports and discussing experiences, achievements, difficulties and good practices, and equating strategies to follow.

In recent years, the national music promotion platform has promoted various missions and produced two country focus concerts dedicated to national music at the Eurosonic 2017 and Waves Vienna 2018, among other initiatives and presentations.

“This is the ideal time for the sector to take stock and strategize,” says Hugo Ferreira, responsible for Why Portugal.

“The presence of the guardianship”, with the Minister of Culture, Graça Fonseca, “and of relevant national and international institutions are crucial to encourage future investment, together with the dedication and professionalism that this sector has in its internationalization, in these initial years, “he says.

The conference is attended by representatives of several international institutions such as Burreau Export (France), European Music Exporters Exchange, European Talent Exchange Program, Creative Europe, Eurosonic (Netherlands), Gigwise (UK), INES – Innovation Network Of European Showcases, Liveurope and NBHAP (Germany).

Thematic panels include guests such as Ana Miranda (Arte Institute NYC), Ana Paulo (Fado In A Box), António Cunha (Uguru), Carlos Martins (Opium), David Santos (noiserv), Eduardo Manuel (Algarpalcos), Emerson Ferreira (Redmojo), Fernando Ribeiro (Moonspell), John Gonçalves (The Gift), Luís Ferreira (Bons Sons), Márcio Laranjeira (Lovers & Lollypops), Ricardo Bramão (Aporfest), Rui Murka (Let’s Get Lost), Sandra Oliveira Ephemeris) and Sara Simões (Associate Producers).

The Minister of Culture, Graça Fonseca, closes Why Portugal Music Export, on November 16.

Complementing the program of debates, there will be ‘showcases’ of four international artists in process of internationalization: on November 15, The Dude and Suma act at the beginning of the night, in the Museum of Leiria; later, Vaarwell and Grandfather’s House perform at the Stereogun nightclub.

“Throughout the meeting will also be disclosed economic results of export missions and reports of missions to prospects to international events,” says Hugo Ferreira of Why Portugal.

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