Wild Christmas Vacation? Only at the Zoo

Between the days 17 and 31 of December, the Zoo invites the small explorers of Nature to celebrate the Christmas season in the company of the most fascinating animals of the animal kingdom.

With lots of fun and educational activities aimed at children and young people, from 3 to 16 years, the Zoo promises to provide a very fun Christmas holiday, full of smiles and jokes.

‘There are no sirens’, ‘From Cat to Tiger’ and ‘I eat, you eat, he eats’ are some of the themes offered to small explorers, from three to five years old, at the Zoo’s Holiday Ateliers, more closely a few species, make true works of art with various recycled materials, listen to fascinating stories and participate in trail games, treasure hunts and environmental enrichment activities.

The oldest ones, from six to 16 years old, will have the opportunity to visit the backstage of the Zoo, to put all the questions with the handlers, to get involved in the innumerable plastic, musical and dramatic expression activities proposed and to have fun with debates, peddy-papers, and ice-breaker games in the ATL of the Zoo.

The Zoo’s holiday programs uniquely and surprisingly promote the development of individual abilities and team spirit, knowledge of nature and animals that live in it, and the importance of protecting Biodiversity and the role of zoos conservation of endangered species.

In addition to being a time of unity, Christmas is also a time of magic, adventure, sharing and many laughs. Offer your children a ‘zoological journey’ through the corridors of the wildest dwelling of Lisbon and ensure liveliness on a holiday always in celebration.

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