Will Samson returns to Portugal in March

Will Samson is back in Portugal for a concert series as early as March. Portalegre and Lisbon are the cities that will receive the premiere of Paralanguage in our country. In Paralanguage, Will Samson further refines all of his musical aesthetics starting with the 2017 Welcome Oxygen album or the 2018 Whale and The Moon EP’s 2016. Paralanguage came out today, December 6th, on Wichita Record and is now available in both physical and digital formats.

Reviews of specialized press:

“On ‘Beyond The Dust’ his accompaniment shifts into tenebrous Blue Nile realms, his beat so minimal every piano, violin and synth note counts, while on ‘The Human Mosaic’ he leaves a reflecting pool enveloped in an Eno – esque haze… A succinct session of lucid dreaming. ”Classic Pop – 4 stars ****

“Beguiling music to soothe your soul… An album of subtle beauty that leaves a lasting impression.” The Sun – 4 stars ****

“Floating melodies and gently skittering beats… There’s a trippy, otherworldly quality to Sansom’s programming and his ethereal, yearning falsetto.” Uncut – 7/10

“A delicate, persuasive balance between ambience and formal song structures… Minimal keyboard patterns are infilled with pattering, glitchy beats … Choir – like wash, pedal steel and double bass bring further color.” MOJO

CAE Portalegre
9:30 pm | € 4
Bocage Theater
19:00 | € 10
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