Works by Almada Negreiros and Maria Keil on display at the Tapestry Museum

The two exhibitions, promoted by the municipality and the Manufacture of Tapestries of Portalegre, are composed of tapestries, cards, drawings, tiles, among other forms, and will be open to the public until December 31.

Maria Keil’s exhibition is provided by the Keil do Amaral family, another piece that belongs to TAP and also a tapestry by a private individual.

Almada Negreiros’ exhibition is provided by private individuals, Associação Mutualista Montepio, Agency for Investment and Foreign Trade of Portugal (AICEP), private individuals and Tapestry Manufactures in Portalegre.

The Almada Negreiros exhibition presents some of the artist’s most emblematic works for the Manufacture of Tapestries in Portalegre, highlighting the tapestry “Portugal“, now owned by AICEP.

The triptych “There comes the ship that has a lot to tell”, from Associação Mutualista Montepio, and “The Artist and the Model”, from the private collection of Isabel and João Soares, are other of the featured works.

In addition to these tapestries, there are also some original cards, weaving drawings and the production of some letters that the painter addressed to Guy Fino and in which he expresses his desire to see his cards produced for frescoes from the sea garments of the Port of Lisbon.

In the exhibition by Maria Keil, in addition to tapestries and cards signed by the artist, other pieces are presented, especially drawings that illustrate her work, namely in the areas of furniture and equipment design, graphic design, illustration and tiles.

Maria Keil was the first woman to produce for the Tapestry Manufacture in Portalegre, her first work being “Pescador da Barca Bela”, in 1949, in which she explores the homonymous poetry of Almeida Garrett.

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