ZERO Association with a Workshop on forests and bioenergy

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On the 2nd of March, starting at 2:30 pm, the “Workshop Forest and Bioenergy – will the forest be a real solution for the production of energy?” will be held by ZERO Association

At a time when the need for greater ambition in the fight against climate change is discussed in order to comply with the Paris Agreement, and achieve carbon neutrality in 2050, at the European level the forest is considered by many as an energy solution, especially in view of the urgent need for close coal-fired power stations.

For the European Union, the use of the forest is considered to be renewable and carbon-neutral, taking into account that it will sequester that carbon in a cycle that does not imply an increase in carbon for the system, as happens with fossil fuels.

In Portugal, as a result of a policy to promote the burning of residual forest biomass as a solution for cleaning forests and simultaneously contributing to clean energy, which began in 2006, by the end of 2022 we will have installed about 280 MW in dedicated biomass plants or under cogeneration, in most situations subsidized by the electricity consumer. So far, in Portugal, the eventual conversion of coal-fired power plants to biomass has not yet been taken for granted.

The opinion regarding the bet on biomass as a renewable energy source is not always unanimous. Questions arise regarding the renewability of the resource. The existence of sufficient residual forest biomass to feed the installed biomass plants. Industry competition for a resource that may be scarce. The existence of subsidization unbalances the market. And the big question remains, whether replacing coal-burning with biomass is a solution, or ultimately creating a new problem.

These and other issues that are intended to be discussed at the Workshop, openly involving different stakeholders whose opinion will be important to clarify the present and the future of a forest that is intended to be explored in a sustainable manner and in a logic of circular economy.

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