World Conference on Families to be held in Lisbon

For the first time, the World Conference on Families will be held in Lisbon from 13 to 15 May, the Commission for Equality in Employment and Employment said.

Promoted by the World Family Organization, the United Nations Center for Training and Research and the Commission for Equality in Labor and Employment – will have as its theme “the empowerment of families, ensuring inclusion and equality,” as reported at

The Conference will be attended by 34 countries, represented by universities, civil society organizations, international organizations and political representatives.

For three days, “No family will be left behind: families and local authorities work together to ensure inclusive and equitable education and promote learning opportunities for all people”, will be the teme debated.

Maria do Céu da Cunha Rêgo, currently, researcher in Gender Studies and former Secretary of State for Equality will be the guest of honour at the conference.

The results of the Lisbon conference will then be presented to the United Nations Economic and Social Council and then forwarded to the United Nations General Assembly.

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