World Cup: France and Germany lead isolated with victories only

France and Germany are now one of the leaders of Group A and Group B of the Women’s World Cup, the eighth in history, in which the United States stands for the title.

The hosts France, fourth in the FIFA rankings, beat Norway 12th, 2-1, while Germany, second in the standings, beat Spain, 13th, 1-0.

After the first half without goals, the Gaulish advanced by Valérie Gauvin (46), who anticipated a counter and finished to the bottom of the networks a ball coming from the left.

Ten minutes later, defender Wendie Renard made an unusual mistake, as he was only on the second post, and he threw the ball into the back of the net when he wanted to give a corner kick.

The colleague Eugénie Le Sommer ‘saved her’ at 72′, when it converted from a great penalty, to punish incoming foul of a contrary one.

France topped the competition in fourth place in 2011, while Norway was runner-up in the first edition in 1991, winning the title four years later.

South Korea, 14th in the FIFA rankings, were favorites against Nigeria, 38, and even dominated in the statistics, but lost 2-0.

The rebound started with Yeon Kim’s own goal from 28th, when, after a long midfield throw, in a seemingly harmless move, he cut poorly, fooling his goalkeeper.

Already in the second half, Asisat Lamina Oshoala (75) recovered in speed, won in close combat with a defense, tricked the goalkeeper and, with a tiny angle, shot to 2-0.

With these results, France commands with six points, followed by Norway and Nigeria with three, with South Korea still zeros

In Group B, Germany, the 2003 and 2007 world champions, came out of the game after beating Spain with a single goal from midfielder Sara Däbritz in the 42nd minute, who took advantage of the goalkeeper’s incomplete defense and a relieving match to mark, from cart, in the small area.

The Germans lead with six points in two games, while Spain adds three: China and South Africa, which have not yet scored, meet on Thursday.

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