World Oceans Day celebrates 8th with many problems to solve

World Oceans Day is celebrated with one (very) little cleaning initiatives all over the world.

The United Nations will relate the date to gender, “finding ways to promote gender equality in ocean-related activities,” for example scientific research, fisheries and migration.

A cleaning action scheduled for Saturday morning in Porto is to clean 2.7 kilometres between Pastoras beach and Castelo do Queijo beach, with the help of schools, associations, companies and scouts.

Also on the shores of the Sado estuary, local school students will clean and campaign for scrapping without the junk.

In Aveiro on the beach of São Jacinto, scouts from 10 to 14 years old promote the collection of garbage.

On the beaches of Odeceixe, Arrifana and Amoreira, eme Aljezur, will be the cleaning of plastics, as in Mira.

Throughout the world, from Brazil to California, from Angola to Mozambique, there will be equal initiatives, but much remains to be done and volunteers are needed.

Photo contests, exhibitions and other activities around the world are linked to

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