World title decision moves to Hawaii after Medina crash

Gabriel Medina, leader of the ‘ranking’, has been removed from the Meo Rip Curl Pro Portugal today, so the winner of the surfing world title will only be known at the last stage of the year in Hawaii.

The reigning champion had everything to go to the quarterfinals, comfortably leading the fifth round of the last 16 against compatriot Caio Ibelli, when he made an interference, that is, caught a wave that Caio had the priority.

Medina’s penalty was just one wave counting for the total battery score, instead of the usual two, the World Surfing League rules dictate, and Caio overtook him over the horn that marks the end of the heat, with an overall score of 8.50 (5.40 and 3.10) against Medina’s 8.10.

But even if Medina went to the ‘quarters’ at Praia dos Supertubos, she could no longer celebrate the world title in Portugal, as her compatriot Filipe Toledo had already secured the quarter-finals.

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