Worten and Aliexpress are the most popular ecommerce sites in Portugal

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The Worten website is, once again, a leader among the e-commerce platforms available in Portugal. Last February, the Sonae retailer achieved the greatest reach in PC: around 1.7 million individuals, which represents 20.4% of residents in the Mainland with 15 and more years.

Aliexpress also maintained the second position in the ranking, having reached 1.5 million individuals, that is, 17.6% of the population covered by the study. FNAC, Amazon, Continente and KuantoKusta are the sites that follow in the ranking, all of them with more than 1.1 million visitors on PC.

By segments, netAudience indicates that Worten was the site with the greatest reach among men and women, although there are some differences in the following positions. The podium of male Internet users is completed by Aliexpress and Amazon, while women place Continente in second place and FNAC in third.

In terms of age, Worten recorded the greatest reach in individuals between 35 and 54 years old and in the age group above 65 years. On the other hand, between 55 and 64 years old, Continente led, while Amazon stands out from 15 to 34 years old.

The geographic analysis shows that Worten led in all regions, with the exception of Litoral Centro, where the site with the greatest reach was Aliexpress. Worten was also the site with the greatest reach in all social classes.

Looking at the volume of traffic, the same study points to another leader. In this case, Aliexpress was king, in February, with 75.5 million pageviews. Amazon followed (68.7 million) and Continente (66.4 million). In this case, Worten appears in the fourth position, with 47.1 million page views.

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