Worten and Aliexpress lead e-commerce in Portugal

Worten has the most extensive e-commerce site in Portugal. The Sonae retailer once again won first place in the ranking prepared by the netAudience measurement system.

In August, the Worten website achieved the largest reach on computers, with around 1.3 million individuals, that is, 15.6% of the residents of the Continent aged 15 and over.

The Aliexpress website also maintains the second position, with a reach of nearly 1.2 million individuals. This is followed by Booking, FNAC and Continente, also with more than one million computer visitors, last August.

Marktest’s netAudience service adds that, in an analysis by segments, Worten has the ecommerce website with greater reach among men, but the same does not happen with women. The female gender is more interested in the Continent.

By age, Worten leads in virtually all segments. An exception is made for the 15- to 24-year-old age group, in which Aliexpress is king, and to the 45 to 54-year-old age group, in which Booking appears first.

The same analysis also shows that Worten has the highest reach in most social classes, with the exception of the upper class and the upper middle class.

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