Worten Game City attracts hundreds of families

The first gaming city in the country – Worten Game City – opened its doors for the first time this weekend in Cordoaria Nacional, with 10 hours of entertainment for the whole family but also for professional gamers, amateurs or simply curious, Worten Game City.

The second day of the event was the scene of a true family reunion. There were hundreds of parents who decided to take their children to Worten Game City to spend Children’s Day, among the most emblematic mascots of video games, from Super Mario to Pikachu, to superheroes of pop culture that throughout the whole day were animating the enclosure.

Among the families, the most popular spaces were the Retro Gaming area, where the parents could remember the older games halls but also where the curiosity of the younger ones, who did not want to stop to experience the video games of another time, far away of today’s graphics, but not less challenging.

Worten Game City is a unique event that brings fun, games and entertainment together. Anyone can have fun, being an adult or a child. This space makes me feel the nostalgia of when I was younger but also the future! It’s all in one event! I really wish there was a second edition of Worten Game City, “said Diogo, 15, visiting Worten Game City for the first time.

Other spaces formed queues throughout the day, attracting parents and children, notably the Dark Room and the MultiOpticas Laser Tag – two areas where virtual and augmented reality experience and strategic games are tested individually and in groups.

The event is going to be spectacular! The children who came with me are loving it. I think the event is very well organized, they have taken great advantage of the space, both abroad and in the interior, and having activities for all ages is very fun because it involves the whole family. We are really enjoying it, “said Sónia Santos, 45, who came with her 9-year-old son Santiago.

I’m enjoying spending the day at the Worten Game City, it’s a lot of fun! All the people who are here must be loving it, it is a unique and touring experience for the whole family! “, Reinforced Santiago.

The entertainment of Worten Game City is not limited to the interior of the National Court. Offline Boulevard outside the venue also attracted the youngest players to be featured in the games – Castle Rock, Angry Birds and Fortnite – as well as climbing a 10-meter climbing wall or jumping on Bounce trampolines.

Also in the Temple Worten Game Ring, there were moments of fun throughout the day with the presence of Bárbara Bandeira, António Raminhos and Pedro Teixeira, protagonists of FIFA FIFA19 tournaments. The gaming in the feminine was highlighted today with the competition of CS: GO, All-Stars Girls, with the XF Iberia team to be crowned champion.

On the stage Just Dance, with programming throughout the 10 hours of event, the Cosplay parade was highlighted – where the winners of the contest promoted by the Cosplay Association will be known tomorrow – and the contest Just Dance with the offer of a month of free classes at Jazzy Dance Studios, responsible for curating this stage.

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