Worten Game City reaches more than 2 million people

#WortenGameCity has been on twitter trending topics throughout the weekend, with the event reaching more than 2 million people with 830 content.

Gaming will be back in Rock City in 2020 as entertainment content for the 9th edition of Rock in Rio-Lisbon.


The country’s first gaming city – Worten Game City – opened its doors for the first time on May 31, June 1 and 2, at Cordoaria Nacional, with the aim of democratizing the Gaming experience as entertainment by creating content relevant to the public, using the digital platforms as a broadcast vehicle. Throughout the three days of the event, more than 830 content was shared in the social networks of Rock in Rio-Lisbon and Worten, among tweets, posts, videos, and stories, reaching more than 2 million people. The event featured a team of more than 45 content editors who contributed to putting the #WortenGameCity hashtag on Twitter trending topics throughout the weekend.

“The balance we make of the first edition of Worten Game City proves the success of the strategy started in 2018, with the entry of Gaming in Rock in Rio-Lisbon. In 2020 there is more, and we do not stop there, “says Roberta Medina, Executive Vice President of Rock in Rio.

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