WORTEN Game Ring is coming to Moche XL

Games world with Brutal REWARDS

Thursday, the 14th, and until Sunday, the 17th, at Altice Arena, Parque das Nações, in Lisbon
WORTEN GAME RING FORTSHOP is a new ‘western’ style store and activation concept
‘Charged’ for unrepeatable discounts during the four days of the event

All information about this activation here: https://www.worten.pt/worten-game-ring-fortshop

It is only two days before the ‘western’ Worten Game Ring arrives at Moche XL Games World. In an unprecedented format, Worten will be attending this event for the first time with a new store concept – WORTEN GAME RING FORTSHOP – and a Wild Bunch-inspired activation of classic cowboy movies.

I invite all Portuguese gaming fans and others to appear in our Worten Game Ring space where, until Sunday, they will enjoy unique prices on gaming and entertainment, while having fun in ‘duels’ entitled to Truly memorable ‘rewards’. That’s why it’s good! ”, Says António Fuzeta da Ponte, Worten’s Director of Brand and Communication.

On the ground every hour, a Worten Game Ring Wild Bunch member will appear on WORTEN GAME RING FORTSHOP’s external displays: the first to shoot a clear photo and show it to Worten Game Ring promoters on site will be challenged to participate. in a duel of NERFS. Winners will be entitled to ‘rewards’ completely ‘outlawed’: for example, a Playstation 4 bundle (500GB) with Fortnite game for € 50 (normal PVP € 299.99) or Nintendo Switch Lite console at € 50 (Normal PVP at € 219.99) or an ASUS gaming notebook for only € 99 (normal PVP at € 799.99).

And the momentum is not here: Worten Game Ring promoters will roam the grounds looking for the ‘outlaws’. As soon as a WANTED photo appears on the WORTEN GAME RING FORTSHOP screens, with the face of one of the event’s visitors, the first to deliver that person, take home a FUNKO gift.

Moche XL Games World is an event dedicated to video games, technology and entertainment, where visitors can experience the latest in gaming and digital entertainment. Tickets are on sale now and range from € 7.50 (Thursday and Friday) to € 10 (Saturday and Sunday).

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