Worten launches remote technical assistance service

  • “Do you need help? Worten tele-resolve ”is the commitment of this new service
  • Available at
  • Covers repairs, installations and configurations, all with remote diagnostics guaranteed
  • For all products (appliances and technology) purchased or not at Worten stores


Worten has just launched a service that reinforces its proximity to the customer, offering even more convenience: the remote technical assistance service is available at, for all products in the range of appliances and IT, regardless of whether or not they were purchased at Worten stores. This assistance covers repairs, but also installations and configurations, thus guaranteeing immediate technical support, and avoiding a trip to the store, for those who need help in these areas.

To publicize this new service, Worten has the campaign “A Worten tele-resolve” on the air, disseminated in digital, radio, on the online store and on the brand’s social networks

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