Worten offers prizes to those who have the most likes

⦁ Until the next 9th of April, identify the Worten profile in your content
⦁ Share a fun and original photo or video on your profile with the hashtag #WortenInstaChallenge
⦁ Qualify to win one of the four PANASONIC Lumix Bridge cameras we have to offer
Semanas 4 weeks, 4 categories and 4 awards

During April, Worten’s social networks will open the curatorship of your Instagram, which was previously only open to influencers, to the entire community, inviting everyone to share on their Instagram, a fun and original photo or video about their day a day at home, with the hashtag #WortenInstaChallenge.

The mechanics are very simple and you can participate in several different categories:
1 – Home School
2 – Family recipes
3 – Clean and maintain the house
4 -Keep connected (Your friends and family need you!)

To become a Worten curator, you only need, until April 9, to identify our Worten profile in the photo or video you take and post it on your personal profile. Also place in the description of your photo the category you want to apply for and don’t forget to identify us @wortenpt, in addition to the hashtag.
In order for your application to be accepted, your profile view must be public. All those selected to be present on our wall are eligible to win one of the four Bridge PANASONIC Lumix cameras. Per week, we will select the 3 best photos or videos by category, which will be voted on our wall. Of the three, the one with the most likes wins! There are four weeks, four categories and four cameras that we have to offer.

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