Worten Social Networks are content factory during Worten Game City

The motto was given for an event that arrived to stay. Three days with more than 2000 games available, ten activity zones for entire families and lots of fun in the country’s 1st gaming city. At the heart of this city was TEMPLE, where gaming was the owner and lord, attracting the attention of children, youth and adults, as the most awaited competitions of Worten Game City.

But in addition to gaming, “this was an event where Worten was very strong in the creation and sharing of digital content, thanks to the in-house coverage of our social networking team,” says António Fuzeta da Ponte, Director of Brand and Communication from Worten. Contents that were able to be differentiated because they had been “planned, thought and worked considering different targets: the Esports audience, more familiar with gaming and who could follow CS: GO, LoL or Fortnite competitions, but also families, who had access to interviews with public figures such as Carolina Loureiro, Pedro Teixeira or Conguito, our special guests at the Temple Worten Game Ring, “concludes the official.

Worten had its networks tinkered even before opening doors, with the campaign starring the prophets of the Temple Worten Game Ring, the singer Bárbara Bandeira, the gamer TáDeNight and the streamer MoraisHD. The all-digital campaign allowed the followers of the three prophets to win tickets to Worten Game City, to participate in the Fortnite tournament with TáDeNight, to sing with the Bárbara Bandeira or, through MoraisHD, to be part of the team that covered the event on the social networks.

During the three-day event, Worten had its social networking team exclusively dedicated to developing and sharing content on the brand’s digital platforms. There were about 30 hours of streaming on Twitch, 14 lives on Facebook and over 40 posts on Twitters Worten Game Ring and Worten, with the participation of several streamers and four new faces from Worten’s affiliate networks: Filipa Sampaio (https:///, Luana do Bem (, Bruno Bento ( and Alexandre Maia (

#WortenGameCity registered 767 posts on Twitter, being trending topic throughout the event, thanks to the promotion of the same by Worten and Rock in Rio and leveraged with a pastime that rewarded the people who used this hashtag.

“The balance of this first edition of Worten Game City is very positive. We wanted to reach out to families and create relevant content that involved the different audiences who visited us. We believe that these goals have been 100% achieved, because we have been able to show people that gaming is for everyone, in a logic of entertainment and conviviality between different generations, “says António Fuzeta da Ponte.

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