Worten strengthens its technical assistance service

“Vacation without worries? Worten tele-resolve ”is the motto of this new campaign

Remote assistance in repairs, installations, and configurations, with a free diagnosis for all products from Worten stores

Betting on greater convenience during holidays, Worten reinforces its ‘Worten tele-Resolve’ service, which guarantees remote technical assistance for all products in the range of appliances and IT, whether or not they were purchased in a brand store.

The service – which covers repairs, but also installations and configurations – thus avoid traveling to the store for customers who need immediate technical support.

The lack of definition brought people back to public spaces and led to an increase in visits to physical stores, but still in a timid way. On the other hand, in the summer months, we tend to see a growing demand for technical repair services (mobile phones and more …), which may be reinforced by the teleworking routine, which is still a reality for many people, and in which can provide support, remotely, from a technician specialized in the installation or configuration of equipment, in addition to screening and troubleshooting. Thus, we decided to reinforce the communication of the remote assistance service, which we launched in April, in the middle of a period of confinement, aware that it continues to be a proposal of relevant value for the Portuguese”, explains Inês Drummond Borges, Marketing Director at Worten.

The campaign to publicize the ‘Worten tele-Resolve’ service will run until the 3rd of August and covers digital, radio, social networks, leaflets, point of sale, and

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