Worten’s Instagram takes a “technological jump” with Bernardo Almeida

Portuguese Youtuber, Bernardo Almeida, is the official curator of Worten’s Instagram during the month of March

Youtuber Bernardo Almeida, one of the most well-known content creators in the technology field, is the new official curator of Worten’s Instagram wall, in the month that the brand launches its campaign entirely dedicated to innovation and technological products.

Bernardo is a Mechanical Engineering student and makes videos with technology content on his Youtube channel @Bernardo Almeida and also on Instagram @bernas19.

The content created by Bernardo Almeida for Worten’s Instagram will include images, videos and a takeover at Instastories, always focusing on the technology campaign that Worten will have in force from March 19 to April 1.

With the launch scheduled for March 19, the technology campaign again invites the Portuguese to take the ‘technological jump‘, reinforcing its position as a leading brand in the offer of technological products, always at the best prices and with the latest news in the market.

This campaign, with FUEL creativity, has the claim “Get to the latest technology first” and will be on air until April 1st.

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