Worten’s new app brings teleworkers together

Worten has used the new myWorten application to overcome some of the main challenges inherent in the current context. “Although remote work was already part of our company’s policy, we are perfectly aware that this format gains new outlines, not so easy to manage, when we are experiencing, in the country, a general state of social confinement”, says Nuno Nascimento Rodrigues, Head of People at Worten.

Launched internally in November last year, as part of Worten’s digital transformation program, this app ended up gaining a new lease of life due to the current reality of teleworking: since the beginning of the State of National Emergency, enacted on March 18, myWorten has doubled the number of downloads and registered an 81% growth in the number of users.

Numbers easily justified by the fact that this new app effectively facilitates regular contact and interaction with the entire population of Worten who, regardless of their role, have immediate access to relevant information about the company, the business and the way it is to deal with this new reality.

In terms of functionality, the myWorten app allows, for example:

  • Consult the corporate news feed, relevant information and main news released by the company
    Access Worten Academy – digital training platform
  • Search and find answers on the main Human Resources processes and procedures
  • Access existing internal platforms for submitting expenses, checking salary receipts, etc.
  • Know the profile of each employee, being able to contact him / her via email or message
  • Navigate the organizational structure
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