WOW celebrates International Museum Day with guided tour

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On International Museum Day, which is celebrated on May 18, WOW will organize an exclusive guided tour of The Bridge Collection with the collection’s owner, Adrian Bridge.

The cultural quarter in Vila Nova de Gaia, opened since July last year, has six museums. One is The Bridge Collection, a private collection by WOW CEO Adrian Bridge. When the museum opened, around 1500 pieces were on display, at the moment the number is close to 2000 units.

The collection continues to rise, thanks to the enthusiasm of Adrian Bridge: “I am attentive to all auctions and I have also entered the art circuit where the most fantastic pieces are sold, which recount the history of Humanity, through the ritual of drinking”, he explains.

It is an addiction and a passion and, therefore, I end up knowing by heart the history of almost all the pieces on display. Some served to celebrate victories in battles, others were amulets against poisoned drinks. The evolution of the times and the ages is counted through the evolution of the glasses and containers that we used and this is fascinating”, he continues.

The exhibition is organized according to the different periods and moments of history, starting in the first civilizations with the oldest piece that dates back to the year 7500 B.C. The guided tour by Adrian Bridge takes place on May 18th, International Museum Day, at 19h.

Participation is limited to a small number of people, is priced at 20 euros and includes a Port Wine at the reception. Tickets are on sale at

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