Wow promotes Mix It Festival

With the arrival of cold weather and the approaching holiday season, WOW promotes a festival to warm up the spirits. Mix It makes gin, port wine and vodka the protagonists and tonic water the guiding principle. As usual, there is good music and food to accompany them.

Mix It is entirely dedicated to gin, port and vodka lovers. Just choose your favorite drink and brand, then the idea is to mix it with tonic water and stir life. The first edition of this festival will take place on November 26th and 27th, at the WOW shopping mall, at the Fashion and Textile Museum building and at the Pink Palace.

Gin Tonic, Porto Tonic and Vodka Tonic can be enjoyed in between chatting, good music and snacks at Café Maze and Pip restaurant. Entry to the festival is free. Those who want to drink must pay the amount of 3 euros for the cup and buy tokens to purchase the drinks of their choice.

Mix It starts on Friday, November 26th at 5pm and ends at 2am. On Saturday, the festival starts at 3pm and continues, with lots of entertainment, until 2am. For more info.

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