WOW promotes “muda” over the weekend

It’s called Muda and it will take place on the 29th and 30th of January, in the various spaces of WOW, in the historic centre of Gaia. Participants will be able to participate in lectures, conversations, cooking demonstrations, workshops, yoga and meditation sessions. There will also be a market for sustainable products.

On the weekend there are a handful of reasons to visit WOW, the cultural quarter of Gaia. In addition to museums and restaurants, on the 29th and 30th of January, WOW will promote the Muda event.

The objective is to stimulate reflection and the adoption of new attitudes: more sustainable, more balanced, better for our health and for the health of the planet. It is also intended to publicize projects and products that positively impact the community and promote sustainability and well-being. For this, WOW has planned a weekend full of gastronomic demonstrations, lectures and conversations, workshops, yoga and meditation sessions, as well as a space for the sale of sustainable and environmentally friendly products.

In the kitchen, the show-cooking sessions will focus on healthy, detox, vegan recipes that respect the natural cycle of food or are geared towards reducing the ecological footprint. In the workshops, there are several topics available, such as sustainable wines – do they exist?, bean-to-bar versus industrial chocolate, home composting, sustainable intimate hygiene, among other topics. In lectures and conversations, the role of young people in activism for a better world, sustainable motherhood, self-knowledge and empowerment, eco-design, etc. will be discussed. The complete schedule is available at this link.

As for tickets, they are free for those who, until the day of the event, purchase a pack of two or more museums. Those who prefer to buy the ticket individually for Muda can do so at or at WOW’s physical ticket offices, for the price of 20 euros. In this case, a ticket to a WOW museum of your choice, with the exception of the Pink Palace, is included. Ticket holders can participate in all event activities, subject only to space capacity.

To visit the organic and sustainable product’s market, it is not necessary to pay an entrance ticket. Here visitors will be able to find brands such as Araucana, Chulé, Com Accent, Agramonte Sausages, Essence Prime Care, Jasmim & Cacau, Mãe Natureza, Mineral Organic Crafts and also Artesãos de Gaia. The market will be open on Saturday from 10 am to 9 pm and on Sunday from 10 am to 7 pm.

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