WOW receives rare award at Global Best of Wine Tourism 2022

The Best Of Wine Tourism 2022 contest distinguished the WOW with the “Special Achievement Award”.

This is a rare distinction that is only awarded on very special occasions, when the “Great Wine Capitals” find exceptional projects that do not fit into the competition categories.

The World of Wine lives up to its acronym – it is a genuine intersection of culture and heritage that has impressed the members of the Executive Committee of the Great Wine Capitals and led them to award a rare Global Best Of Wine Tourism Award,” said the Executive Director of the Great Wine Capitals Network, Catherine Leparmentier.

In this case, the jury considered that the WOW is a unique and differentiating project in dimension, multidisciplinarity, quality, innovation and with a great impact for the region and for the wine tourism sector. “What we saw at WOW was a thoughtful approach that reveals the richness of the tradition of winemaking and other significant industries. We were delighted with the quality, innovation and impact of this project and its contribution to local history and culture, past, present and future. This prize is only awarded upon receipt of an exceptional application, which does not fit into the seven categories in the competition. WOW was unanimously recognized as worthy of this honor. Congratulations to everyone”, declares Catherine Leparmentier.

WOW is the second entity recognized with this distinction. Until now, only the Cité du Vin, in Bordeaux, had received this recognition.

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