WOW vai ser coração da mudança nos dias 29 e 30 de janeiro

The first event of the year aims to promote reflection and the adoption of new, healthier and more conscious habits. For two days, WOW, in Vila Nova de Gaia, will be an agent of change, through lectures, cooking demonstrations, workshops and yoga and meditation sessions. There will also be a market for sustainable products.

Muda will take place on the 29th and 30th of January and it is an event that aims to provide activities that stimulate reflection and the adoption of new attitudes: more sustainable, more balanced, better for our health and for the health of the planet. . It is also intended to publicize projects and products that positively impact the community and promote sustainability and well-being.

The event will work in several spaces of WOW, in Vila Nova de Gaia, which will have a market for the sale of sustainable products, moments of lectures and discussions, workshops, show-cooking, yoga and meditation classes. It is a weekend of sharing ideas, of mutual learning, of inspiration, so that the new year is, whenever possible, a little better than the previous one.

Anyone who purchases a pack of two or more museums from January 15 onwards automatically receives a ticket for Muda, for the two days of the event. Those who prefer to buy the ticket individually for the event, can also do it in pre-sale on the WOW website, for the price of 20 euros. In this case, a ticket to a WOW museum of your choice, with the exception of the Pink Palace, is included.

The event’s schedule will cover topics such as veganism, creating healthy habits, the role of young people in activism against climate change, sustainable motherhood, mental health, but also detox recipes, organic wines, among many others.

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