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WOW wins wine tourism awards

At national and international level

In just one week, WOW won five wine tourism awards inside and outside the country. Of note, are the “Cultural Mission” awards, by the Wine Travel Awards, and “Best Urban Wine Tourism”, by the National Wine Tourism Awards.

WOW was the big winner at the Wine Travel Awards 2024, in the “Cultural Mission” category, having been chosen among other Wine Tourism Education initiatives from countries such as Spain, Georgia, France and Austria and deserving to take the stage and receive the ovation from the audience.

At the same international awards ceremony, which took place last week during the London Wine Fair, WOW’s The Wine School was also distinguished, in this case with the Jury’s Choice Award, in the “Unique Program in Wine Tourism Education” category.

It should be noted that in each category there are five finalists, who are submitted to the WTA Jury, made up of 12 renowned professionals in the areas of wine, wine tourism and the speciality press.

Still in the Wine Travel Awards voting, both WOW and The Wine School were the public’s choice in their respective categories, winning two “WTA Public Voting Winner” diplomas.

The winner also at the national level

Regarding the attribution of national awards, WOW was distinguished as “Best Urban Wine Tourism”. This was a new category, awarded for the first time at this year’s ceremony which took place at Quinta dos Anjos, in Santarém.

The National Wine Tourism Awards, created by APENO – Portuguese Wine Tourism Association, distinguish the best projects in the country’s Wine Tourism sector, with a very diverse panel of judges, involving journalists, official wine and tourism entities, chefs and sommeliers, and even some of APENO’s associates.

Last year, WOW won the “Wine Tourism Award – Best Innovation and Technology” category and The Wine Experience Museum won the same award in the “Best Art and Culture” category.

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