Xbox One is getting a game-changing feature

Xbox One continues to receive regular system updates that add new functionality, and generally improves the overall experience for owners. But one feature has continued to elude gamers who enjoy playing online with their buddies.

If you’ve ever been in an Xbox Live party chat with one really quiet person, or one stupidly loud one, you’ll understand how frustrating it is that you can’t adjust individual volume levels of each party member. Instead, you can either make the party louder, quieter, or do the same with the volume of the game.

This common problem could soon be a thing of the past, as users who are part of the Xbox Insider Alpha Skip-Ahead program, which lets eager gamers preview upcoming Xbox One OS builds, now lets you control the individual volume levels of other people in your Xbox Live Party.

This change may seem superfluous for some, but it’s a massive quality of life feature for Xbox One players who have had to constantly balance volume levels to protect their ears.

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