Xbox Series arrives this Tuesday

It is with the launch of the Xbox Series S and Xbox Series X this Tuesday, the 10th, that a new generation of consoles kicks off. Both models of the new Microsoft console will be available for 499 euros (Xbox Series X, in black) and 299 euros (Xbox Series S, in white).

In addition to presenting the games with different resolutions, the two models have some more differences. The Xbox Series X has a 1TB SSD and supports games in digital and physical format. The Xbox Series S is limited to a 512GB SSD and only digital games.

The new Xbox Series offer backwards compatibility with titles from previous generations and the possibility to access the Xbox Game Pass, a subscription service that offers instant access to a series of different games.

If you want to buy one of these Xbox Series you will want to know which games will be available and, in the gallery above, you can find out some of the ones you can choose for your new console.

None of these titles is exclusive or was specially developed for the new XBoxes, something that however should not be an impediment to enjoying the consoles.

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