11th Mask Biennial – Mascararte

“Female Characters of the Masquerades of the District of Bragança and the Province of Zamora”

They are known as Filandorra, Madama, Velha Beilha, Sécia or Mascarinha and have always played an important role in the Masquerade tradition in the district of Bragança and the province of Zamora.

The role of women is, therefore, highlighted at the XI Bienal da Máscara – Mascararte, which takes place from the 23rd to the 25th of November.

An edition that aims to highlight cultural and creative entrepreneurship, highlighting the role of artisans and differentiating and unifying projects, as well as reflecting on the challenges posed to Caretos Associations and local communities in the preservation and continuity of rituals, focusing on valuing the role of women.

Conferences and conversations around various themes, exhibitions, parades and the burning of the Mascareto will be just some of the moments of the XI Mascararte which includes, in this edition, two new features: Comics Workshops: “Riscos, Ritos e Mascarados” and “Mascarados” and Wake up Bragança with the participation of Gaiteiros Groups.

The first day of the event begins with the Comics Workshop: “Riscos, Ritos e Mascarados” (Municipal Library). From the end of the afternoon, and after the inauguration of the exhibition “The female characters of the Masquerades of the District of Bragança and the Province of Zamora” and the opening of the Espaço da Máscara | Artisan Exhibition, followed by the presentation of the catalogue of the X Bienal da Máscara – Mascararte, “À Conversa… The faces of the mask” and the screening of the documentary “Máscara de Lazarim”, by Manuel Gardete (Centro Cultural Municipal Adriano Moreira).

On November 24th, the “Mascarados” Comic Workshop will be held. The Georges Dussaud Photography Center hosts the photography exhibition – “Sacred Rituals of Magical Iberia”, by Víctor Pizarro Jimenez. “The role of women in mask rituals” will be the theme of “À Conversa”, at the Adriano Moreira Municipal Cultural Center. The second day of Mascararte ends with the Gaiteiros Meeting, in Praça da Sé.

It is with Acordar Bragança that the last day of the event begins, followed by “À Conversation… Recreate/create from traditions – presentation of a unifying project”.

The afternoon is reserved for what is the highlight of the XI Bienal da Máscara – Mascararte: the parade through the streets of Bragança, which culminates in the spectacle of Queima do Mascareto, with the performance “A goddess da roca e do fuso”, at the Largo do Castelo de Bragança.

From November 23rd to 25th, Espaço da Máscara | Artisans Exhibition is installed at the Adriano Moreira

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