Xiaomi challenged filmmakers to create short films through smartphones

The second edition of the Xiaomi Film Festival took place under the theme 'For you, the world'

The second edition of the Xiaomi Film Festival, whose theme was ‘For you, the world‘, was a real success in showing not only the technical capabilities of Xiaomi smartphone cameras that allow the creation of true works of art but above all the boundless creativity given to its users.

In this event dedicated to short films produced using Xiaomi smartphones, it was possible to show new ways to explore the cinematographic production available to anyone, anywhere. The festival gave the opportunity to show works by various filmmakers from all over the world, such as Xiaomi Creator Eduardo Ohara, director and graduate of the American Film Institute (AFI) Amelie Wen, as well as the renowned and Oscar-winning filmmaker James Lucas. The theme chosen for this year, ‘For you, the world‘, was proof that everyone has moments, emotions and stories in their lives that deserve to be recorded and shared with the world.

For us, the Xiaomi Film Festival has always been about celebrating the best in mobile cinema and giving filmmakers and creators around the world a platform and tools to explore this exciting frontier of filmmaking. This year we look forward to continuing to expand the platform that created last year and exploring the exciting world of smartphone filmmaking,” says Steven Senshan, Director of Xiaomi Studios.

Debut film: “The Phoenix of Gloucester” by Oscar-winning filmmaker James Luca

Lucas portrays ‘For you, the world‘ in a warm and touching story between the protagonist Charlie, a young lost writer, and his grandfather, who approaches the end of his life. After being sent on a mission by his grandfather to find “The Phoenix”, Charlie begins to understand what his grandfather really meant and this journey becomes transformative within the eternal circle of life.

Xiaomi Creator Film: “Blooming”, by Eduardo Ohara

For the Xiaomi Creator segment of the festival, this year Xiaomi invited Brazilian filmmaker Eduardo Ohara to share his point of view on ‘To you, the world’. The film tells the story of a writer named Sara, who is having a hard time working on her second book, with pressure coming from all directions. One day, an unexpected visit from her nephew burdens her even more as the differences between the two characters become apparent. These differences, however, end up changing Sara’s life when her nephew shows her how to perceive the world differently.

Rising Filmmaker Film: “Elaine & Mike” by Amelie Wen

As Xiaomi continues to explore the wonders of mobile movie-making, it also encourages more budding filmmakers to experience the wonders of movie-making through smartphones. Director and AFI graduate Amelie Wen was invited to experience mobile filmmaking for the first time and share her perspective on ‘For you, the world’. It tells the story of a happy reunion of two ex-lovers, who, after a long time apart, feel relieved and grateful to know that they are fulfilling their dreams and thriving in their current lives.

Documentary: “On the Vanguard of Mobile Image | Xiaomi Academy Special Edition” & The Xiaomi Film Festival Discussion Panel.

This year’s festival also featured cinematic experiences and events on its schedule, including an insightful documentary on the evolution of mobile imaging, as well as Livestream discussions with special guests immersing themselves in the magic of film and technology.

It should be remembered that the first edition of the Xiaomi Film Festival took place in August 2021, with Chris Overton’s short film “Leader“, which ended up winning several awards, including Best Mobile Short Film in New York Film and Special Award of the Los Angeles Film Awards Jury.

For more information about Xiaomi Film Festival 2022, please visit this link.

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