Xiaomi Reveals CyberOne Humanoid Robot Capable of Detecting Human Emotions

CyberOne is able to recognize 85 types of environmental sounds and 45 classifications of human emotions

CyberOne, Xiaomi’s first humanoid robot, was unveiled at the company’s new product launch event in Beijing, along with other innovative technologies.

As the latest member of Xiaomi’s Cyber ​​series, joining last year’s Cyberdog robot, CyberOne is equipped with technologically advanced arms and legs, supports bipedal stance balance, and achieves a maximum torque of up to 300Nm. It also demonstrated the ability to detect human emotions, advanced vision capabilities, and functionality that allows you to create three-dimensional virtual reconstructions of the real world, along with a host of other advanced technologies.

New self-developed advances in Xiaomi’s Ecosphere Technology

CyberOne’s Artificial Intelligence (AI) and mechanical capabilities are all self-developed by Xiaomi Robotics Lab. We have invested heavily in R&D in several areas, including innovation in software, hardware, and algorithms“, says Lei Jun, Founder, President, and CEO of Xiaomi Group.

With AI at its core and a full-size humanoid structure, this is an exploration of the possibilities of Xiaomi’s future technology ecosystem and a new breakthrough for the company” he adds.

CyberOne is a humanoid robot measuring 177cm tall and 52kg in weight, with an arm span of 168cm. Compared to a robot with four points of ground support, this humanoid robot is more mechanically complex, requiring more powerful motors, more degrees of freedom, and complex humanoid bipedal control algorithms. CyberOne supports up to 21 degrees of freedom in motion and achieves a real-time response speed of 0.5ms for each degree of freedom, allowing it to simulate human movements.

The movement performance of a robot depends on the performance of each joint motor. The technological requirement to build such engines is extremely high since it is necessary to generate more kinetic energy without increasing the size of the components. In order to ensure the flexibility of CyberOne’s upper limbs, Xiaomi has developed a high-efficiency motor weighing only 500g with a rated output torque of up to 30Nm for the upper limb joint motor. The hip joint motor is similarly capable of instantaneous peak torque of up to 300Nm. Thanks to the self-developed humanoid bipedal control algorithm, CyberOne’s walking posture is programmed to be both natural and stable. In addition, CyberOne is capable of holding up to 1.5kg of weight with a single hand and programming by demo. Thus, CyberOne is a humanoid robot with well-developed coordination and exceptional movement capabilities.

Humanoid robots rely on vision to process their environment. Equipped with a self-developed Mi-Sense depth vision module and combined with an AI interaction algorithm, CyberOne is capable of perceiving 3D space as well as recognizing individuals, gestures, and expressions, allowing it to not only see but also process your environment. In order to communicate with the world, CyberOne is equipped with a MiAI environment semantic recognition engine and a MiAI voice identification engine, allowing it to recognize 85 types of environmental sounds and 45 classifications of human emotions. CyberOne is able to detect happiness and comfort the user in times of sadness. All of these features are built into CyberOne’s processing units, which are paired with a curved OLED module to display real-time interactive information.

Continue to explore, and bring robots into people’s lives

Robotics is considered the “crown jewel of manufacturing“, with humanoid robots being the ultimate goal for many across the industry. Compared to industrial robots that are valued for their specialized mechanical capabilities, the main challenge in building humanoid robots is the perfect simulation of human processes of perception, cognition, decision-making, and execution in various scenarios. Interestingly, a large number of new technologies that have emerged in the process of trying to solve this challenge have already served the general public in a positive way.

The development of CyberOne is a symbol of Xiaomi’s dedication to incubating a technology ecosystem centered on a single point, and connecting it to the world in ways never seen before. Ranging from smartphones, wearable devices, and smart homes, to smart manufacturing, smart electric vehicles, and bionic robots, Xiaomi has been constantly exploring and expanding its innovations in various scenarios to better connect people and the world, eventually building a constantly evolving Xiaomi Tech Ecosphere.

Lei Jun notes that humanoid bionic robots require the highest degree of technical integration and present the biggest challenge in the field of intelligent robotics. Xiaomi is taking its first steps in this area and CyberOne is constantly adding new capabilities. “We think that intelligent robots will definitely be a part of people’s lives in the future, Lei Jun said.

CyberOne’s research and development process combined cutting-edge technologies from a variety of industries, including bionics perception and cognition, biomechatronics, artificial intelligence, big data and cloud computing, and visual navigation. These technological advances are also expected to give rise to more application scenarios in other fields, such as industrial robots with better mechanical performance, company robots with emotion recognition, and utility robots powered by big data and cloud computing. CyberOne’s technology will also be applied to more and more Xiaomi products in the future.

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