XNFY Lab Launches AI Solution in the Fashion Industry with Microsoft Technology

XNFY Lab has just launched an innovative technological solution for the Fashion industry with Microsoft technology – “Al Generated Fashion” – to revolutionize the entry into the new era of upcycling of garments. The solution uses Artificial Intelligence and allows you to design new looks and design pieces, based on unused fabrics and unsold clothing.

The technological solution intends, in this way, to support designers and brands in responding to the challenges of creativity and expression of an industry typically marked by cycles and trends, but also to create sustainability strategies for the sector that are in line with the expectations of consumers more and more demanding.

To this end, the solution developed by XNFY Lab in partnership with Microsoft, integrates Microsoft Azure Machine Learning, an artificial intelligence solution that allows brands and their designers to generate images of garments and new looks in high definition and present them them first hand to your customers, even before they exist and are not commercialized. This will, on the one hand, allow brands to predict demand for a particular item and, on the other, reverse the trend of an industry that generates a high number of unsold pieces.

Additionally, it will allow you to test and validate a set of data more quickly, bringing results in hours instead of days. This will translate into an increase in the business potential for the Fashion industry, while improving the implementation of processes and accelerating time to market.

According to Orlando Ribas, CEO of XNFY Lab, “Having a sense of the current state of the fashion industry and its needs, this technology can create the difference, but above all, solve some of its problems. On the other hand, it makes room for an unprecedented revolution, by allowing customers to visualize design pieces long before they exist and by giving brands and designers tools that allow them to create more customizable looks, based on an approach differentiating. ”

“This is a technology that does not end in the Fashion sector, but because of its potential and elasticity, it can be applied to practically all industries. The fashion industry is just the first step. We have reached the first milestone of our roadmap with impressive results. To celebrate this milestone, we are preparing a limited edition of crowdfunding, where we will place the AI ​​design product in the hands of customers. In Portugal, we are already in talks with a Portuguese indie brand ”, adds the official.

“Microsoft’s collaboration with the XNFY Lab accelerates innovation in the fashion industry. We are facing a new dimension of digital transformation that will transport us even faster to the future, with fashion being no exception. Artificial Intelligence amplifies the human knowledge and creativity on which fashion depends, to create masterpieces never seen before “, says Abel Aguiar, Executive Director for Partners at Microsoft Portugal.

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