Xograr is the new album of Fernando Barroso

Fernando Barroso, musician and composer who has worked on numerous projects in Folk and World Music internationally, now edits his third album called “XOGRAR”, which reaffirms the consolidation of his solo career.

XOGRAR is a small tribute to the figure of the artist through the ages. These characters who have the natural desire to create and entertain, with enormous commitment, often endangering their vital stability.

This album presents a series of original songs, with an aesthetic that moves between popular and modern music, recorded in quartet with musicians Álvaro Trillo, Sofia Neide and Margarida Mariño.

This work has the collaborations of Hugo Guezeta, Adufeiras de Salitre, the ‘String Group of the Académica de Coímbra’ and the Portuguese musician Sebastião Antunes.

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