Xpand IT joins the fight against Covid-19 with a donation of 30 thousand euros

Xpand IT, a Portuguese technology company specializing in Big Data, Business Intelligence, Middleware and Mobile, has developed a set of actions to help tackle the pandemic caused by Covid-19.

As part of its social responsibility policy, Xpand IT will donate 15 thousand euros to the League of Friends of Hospital de Viana and 15 thousand euros to the League of Friends of Garcia de Orta. The value of the donations will be directed towards the purchase of individual protection materials for medical personnel and support equipment to the rear or mounted hospitals.

Surgical masks, full protective suits, gowns or visors will be some of the materials purchased to help healthcare professionals who are at the forefront of the battle against the new coronavirus. At a time when classes moved from the classroom to students’ homes, but when not everyone has the necessary technological material, Xpand IT also delivered 3 computers to the Office of the Secretary of State for Citizenship and Equality.

“Connecting to social causes is part of our DNA. From the beginning, there is a desire to give back to the community, which welcomed us and provided us with such a healthy growth as a company. We have contributed to various pillars of society, from social support institutions, computer equipment donations and education with the award of scholarships. Given the current reality, the contribution of Xpand IT became natural, which we achieved through various actions ”, says Rui Maia, Partner and CHRO at Xpand IT.

Since 2009, Xpand IT has developed solidarity and social responsibility actions. Over that time, hundreds of thousands of euros have been donated through initiatives in youth homes, donations of tablets to the IPO for chemotherapy sessions in isolation or the awarding of scholarships at IST – Instituto Superior Técnico. This year, a group called XTend was created at the company dedicated to actions in this area.

In 2019, Xpand IT joined the Pledge 1% movement, a global social responsibility movement that challenges companies to donate 1% of profit, product or time for employees to non-profit organizations. Last year, 50 thousand euros were made available for different social initiatives.

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