Xpand IT launches new resources page on careers site

Xpand IT has just launched a new resources page on their careers website.

The Portuguese technology company currently has more than 30 open positions in the areas of Big Data, Business Intelligence & Analytics, Data Science, Microsoft & Mobile Development, Middleware & CRM, and Web Development.

In the week that marks Developer’s Day, Xpand IT launches a new exclusive content space created by Xpand IT developers about the latest trends in technology and best practices in software development. The new area is dedicated to developers, software engineers, IT professionals, and computer engineering or data science students.

The new resources page will feature several webinars, trainings, workshops, eBooks, and studies, from beginner to advanced level. Currently, 6 webinars and 1 online workshop are available, and content in other formats is expected to be made available in the coming months. The contents are free to access and can be viewed on-demand.

“At the beginning of the year, we launched a new career website, together with the Breaking Standards campaign, which aimed to break with stereotypes about professionals in the technology area”, says Rui Maia, Partner and CHRO at Xpand IT. “At Xpand IT, we are always looking for ways to innovate and meet the needs of developers. Thus, this new page aims to increase knowledge sharing about the technology sector and strengthen the connection with the Xpand IT community”.

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