Xutos postpone concert in Porto

“Unfortunately, for reasons related to Gui’s health, we will not be able to perform on the 4th of March at the Coliseu do Porto, a show that was already sold out.

The Xutos and their team apologize for the eventual slight, having already set a new date for April 22″.

Tickets already purchased do not need to be exchanged and give access to the concert.
If you want a refund of the value of the tickets, you now have 30 days to request it.

All other dates remain unchanged.

  • March 11 Coliseum of Elvas
  • March 24th and 25th Tivoli, Lisbon * Sold out
  • April 5 Convent of São Francisco, Coimbra
  • April 6 Convento de São Francisco, Coimbra * Sold out
  • April 7 Teatro das Figuras, Faro
  • April 8 Teatro das Figuras, Faro
  • April 22 Coliseu Porto * new date

All concerts start at 9:30 pm

In a discography as extensive as that of Xutos & Pontapés, all records have their context and contribute to the history of one of the biggest brands of electric music produced in Portugal. However, the “Circo de Feras” edited in the first months of 1987, was decisive for the dimension that today we recognize in the group.

With this set of songs, Xutos & Pontapés ceased to be a cult band and gained a national dimension. 35 years later, they decided to present it in full in a series of concerts to be held at Coliseu do Porto, Coliseu de Elvas, Tivoli in Lisbon, Convento S. Francisco in Coimbra and Teatro das Figuras in Faro, with scenography designed exclusively. The show’s cast includes Tim, João Cabeleira, Kalú, Gui, and Tó Trips.

An unprecedented invitation from Xutos & Pontapés to the guitarist to accompany them on stage in all the songs on the album. As the occasion is special, the band decided to add a definite article to the title. Therefore, you are invited to see and hear “O Circo de Feras”.

Always confirm with the concert hall or promoter the conditions of access, confirmation of the date or time, tickets place of sale, price, and availability.

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