Xutos & Pontapés celebrates 40 years

One night in January 1979, and in minutes, one of the most enduring Portuguese rock bands was performed for the first time. The Xutos & Pontapés turn 40 on Sunday.

The anniversary date marks the official birth of the Xutos & Pontapés, which took place on January 13, 1979, at the Apolo Alumni Ballroom in Lisbon, on a night when they played four songs in just over five minutes.

At the time, the group, which came to be called Delirium Tremens and later Beijinhos and Parabéns, was part of the youngsters Zé Pedro, Kalú, Tim and Zé Leonel, influenced by punk-rock that came into force in the foreign music scene.

Forty years later, the group persists in Portuguese music – already without Zé Pedro and without Zé Leonel – with more than a dozen albums and many songs that serve as an anchor for a rock clan with thousands of fans of several generations.

To celebrate the round date, the Xutos & Pontapés release a new album, “Duro”, which will be released on the 25th, coinciding with a concert in the Lisboa ao Vivo space. On February 1st they present it at the Hard Club in Porto.

This is also the first album that Kalú, Tim, João Cabeleira and Gui edit without guitarist Zé Pedro, who died in 2017, but the record will include recordings made by this musician.

Musically, “Duro” is expected to be heavier rock, as a response to the previous record, “Puro”, from 2014, as the singer and vocalist Tim and guitarist Joao Cabeleira told in 2018.

To fans, the band explains that the album ‘Duro’ is ‘a legacy of perseverance and persistence, of mourning and joy, of anxiety and calm’.

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