Xutos & Pontapés closed another edition of the Festa do Avante!

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The 44th edition of Avante! took place between the 4th, 5th and 6th of September at Quinta da Atalaia, Seixal, and the second day was filled with concerts by well-known names

The Festa do Avante! is a political and cultural festival of the communist party whose context is the defense of the interests of workers and the people, fighting, right by right, for new advances and for structural responses to national problems, and for the realization of an alternative patriotic left-wing policy with “eyes set on the fight“. It is a multifaceted initiative that includes political moments, rallies, debates and exhibitions; musical theater and cinema; a Book and Music Fair, and an area dedicated to children.

Festa do Avante 2020 © Patrícia Rodrigues – Portugalinews

This year was a unique year for what is usual for the Festa, due to the global pandemic, the venue that annually welcomes more than 100 thousand people, this year received less than a third to guarantee all hygiene and detachment rules.

In all corners of the party, entrance to exhibitions, stages, bars, and bathrooms, there were points for hand disinfection with a disinfectant gel, while waiting for concerts an appeal to the use of masks and to comply with the distance rules was heard, and there’s a special mention dedicated all the work of the staff, helpers, volunteers and party organizers who guided the visitors of the party.

This edition was also marked by the anti-racist demonstrations experienced in Portugal and around the world, the organization made a playlist of songs by African artists in chronological order giving expression to the heritage of the fight against racism.

Xutos & Pontapés at Festa do Avante 2020 © Patrícia Rodrigues – Portugalinews

Xutos & Pontapés were the highlight of the last day of the Festa do Avante. The 2,000 seats on the 25 Abril stage weren’t enough for everyone who wanted to attend the concert.

The 25 Abril Stage had the performances of Albert Fish, Peste & Sida, and Rogério Charraz. Stereossauro also performed, with a mixture of hip hop and fado from their last album, the show counted with the presence of Camané, Carlão, Marisa Liz, Chullage, and Ricardo Gordo, on the Portuguese guitar.

The Paz stage kept pace with the performances of Cranky Geeks, One Drop Experiment, and the African rhythms of Djumbai Djass and the Orquestra de Foles.

Venus Matina, Uxu Kalhus, Luta Livre and the Orquestra Jazz do Hot Club de Portugal animated the 1º de Maio Auditorium.

And it is worth remembering that, on the last day, the 25 Abril stage also received the PCP rally, where analyzes were made on the national and international situation and its proposals and the affirmation of the democracy and socialism project that they defend for the country.

Stereossauro and guests – Marisa Liz – at Festa do Avante 2020 © Margarida Rodrigues – Portugalinews


check out the full photo gallery here

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