Y.AZZ presents ‘Trouble’

The second single from the new EP 'Heartbreak Mixtapes'

Trouble‘, a new single is now available on all digital platforms!

After the release of his debut album in the music world – in the collaborative project with the producer b-mywingz – y.azz now reveals ‘Trouble‘, a new advance from Heartbreak Mixtapes, first solo EP scheduled for the next 11th of February.

Based on a real-life love letter, ‘Trouble‘ is about self-sabotage and missed opportunities. We find in Mariana Prista’s voice and in the slow and intimate beat of the music, the enormous emotional charge of those who look at life in retrospect and realize everything that could have been and didn’t become.

Trouble is one of the most heartfelt songs I’ve ever written. It’s the one that has the most knots in its throat – and feet and hands – for representing a whole world of lost opportunities, and everything that could have been and wasn’t. I think everything about her shows this nostalgia.

Trouble‘ is the second act of a story that started with the release of the single ‘Love Language‘, a theme that already has more than 7,500 views on Youtube. The remaining songs from the new album can be heard as early as February.

The single is produced by YANAGUI (Guilherme Salgueiro), recorded by LEFT, mixing and mastered by Michael Mic Ferreira, video by João Hortêncio and artistic direction by y.azz and Pilar do Rio.

The concert for the EP ‘Heartbreak Mixtapes’ will be on the 17th of February, at Musicbox, in Lisbon.

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