Yagmar anticipate edition of the album “Homem Severo” with single

There is always something that guides us in times of hardship, that which makes us have perseverance and fight against the unfortunate moments of this life. It is in this context that “Mítica Luz” appears, with a melodic and rhythmic whirlwind that, at times, lets us breathe.

This is the last single from You Actually Gave Me A Ride (YAGMAR) ‘s first long film, Homem Severo, which will be released on April 16th, but this certainly won’t be the last ride the band will give you! Come in, let’s get going!

The history of this album begins like many others linked to 2020: atypical year, but for whom it was not? 2020 was the year of recording the Yagmar’s first long-running. In the midst of several adventures and such uncertainties, the debut of Homem Severo was postponed. The entry of the new year was the motto to reveal this set of 8 themes, which, for premonition or not, are suited to the state of mind experienced in these lands, in difficult times so suited to a severe man.

Homem Severo is a flirt with African rhythms accompanied by melodies from other regions, which, as in the previous work, is still present, but with more maturity.

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