Yagmar release “Coisas Más”, another single in anticipation of the first album Homem Severo

After “Judas” and “Homem Severo”, “Coisas Más” is the third single taken from Yagmar’s first album, which will be released on April 16, 2021.

The history of this album begins like many others linked to 2020: atypical year, but for whom it was not? 2020 was the year of recording Yagmar’s first album. In the midst of several adventures and such uncertainties, the debut of Homem Severo was postponed. The entry of the new year was the motto to reveal this set of 8 themes, which, for premonition or not, are adapted to the state of mind experienced in these lands, in difficult times so suited to a severe man.

Homem Severo” is a flirt with African rhythms accompanied by melodies from other regions, which, as in the previous work, is still present, but with more maturity.

After fruitful years of early career, including 2019 that included the release of the second EP by the band Amargo that took the band to many stages in this country and being part of the collection Fnac Novos Talentos 2019, they played at the festival with the same name and also to Super Bock in Stock 2019. At the beginning of 2020 the band decided to rejoin forces with the producer and sound engineer Vitor Carraca Teixeira, known for his work with emerging and consolidated names in the music scene in Portugal like Dream People, Months Soberio, Vila Martel, Left., among others, and it was in their studio that the band took refuge to create what would become this album.

The video clip “Coisas Más” is already available on Youtube, recorded and edited by Luís Fernandes (vocalist and guitarist).



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