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Yann Tiersen at the Porto Ageas Coliseum

The soundtrack creator of “Goodbye Lenin” and “Amélie’s Fabulous Destiny” returns to Portugal for two memorable concerts.

September 29th at Campo Pequeno and September 30th at the Porto Ageas Coliseum, Yann Tiersen (official) will take the audience on a sensory and engaging journey through his latest album “ALL”, released last February.

“ALL” is the follow-up album “EUSA” and the first to be recorded in the musician’s new studio – The Eskal community center, built in an abandoned disco in Ushant, a small island on the Celtic Sea between Brittany and Cornwall, too. Tiersen’s house for the last 10 years. Composed of themes enveloped in the environment and in connection with nature, “ALL” incorporates recordings outside Brittany such as California redwood forests, the Tempelhof Airport area (Berlin), and guest artists.

Orchestra Chair 40 €
1st Audience 35 €
2nd Audience 30 €
Tribune 35 €
1st stateroom (6 seats) 192 €
1st stateroom (vis red) 138 €
Trimmings (6 seats) 180 €
Friezes (vis red) 138 €
Popular Counter 25 €
Gallery 23 €
Overall 20 €
2nd stateroom (6 seats) 120 €

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