Yes, yoga changes genes, more longevity

Meditation or other modalities that associate with mindfulness seem to have the same effect.

There are several advantages of yoga and not just relaxation, and there is more study than proof.

Yoga, meditation and similar modalities associated with mindful practice “may even reverse the changes in stress-related genes that are due to poor health and depression,” reads Time.

The findings come from a British study now published in the Frontiers in Immunology that started from 18 earlier studies to realize the effects that such modalities bring to the level of gene expression – the most optimistic assumption has been confirmed.

This is a particularly relevant topic of analysis in today’s society, where stress is well present and has reversed the effects of certain types of inflammation that were previously seen as positive by boosting the immune system but which, high levels of stress and anxiety, began to lead to more serious damage, a reality that changes when practising yoga.

In conclusion, one of the authors of the study explains that the relationship between genes is not static and that the activity of DNA itself may depend on how each acts to improve their well-being. “By choosing healthy habits on a daily basis, we are able to create a pattern of genetic activity that is most beneficial to our health. Even 15 minutes of practising some mindfulness exercise seem to have effects, “he says.

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