Yescapa created a set of gift cards so you can start planning your next vacation

In 2020, campervans proved to be a trend, with many Portuguese opting for this alternative.

During this holiday season, Yescapa, a rental platform for motorhomes and campervans, created a set of gift cards to offer to friends and family so that you can start planning holidays or getaways next year.

In addition to being a way of promoting tourism and the economy at a national level, motorhomes are an uncomplicated and even more accessible alternative to travel. At Yescapa, the process is simple and involves choosing the vehicle, according to the characteristics and tools you need, choosing the number of days of the trip, and booking.

The destination is free and chosen by each traveler, and the itinerary is often changed during the journey itself, something made possible by the freedom and autonomy of the motorhome.

You can choose between different vehicles: campervan, off-road vehicle (practical and mobile), motorhome (more suitable for family trips, since it allows greater comfort and autonomy), transformed van (adventurous and practical, is more discreet and is located between the campervan and the motorhome). Yescapa also guarantees travel assistance and access to suggested travel itineraries, as well as other tips through the platform’s blog.

There are three options for gift cards: weekend getaway, worth €200; a week of freedom, worth €800; or vacation to your needs, in which the user chooses the amount. In either case, the cards are valid for one year, and insurance against all risks is also included. The journey can be made at any time, on trips across Europe.

Due to the Covid-19 pandemic, Yescapa created a flexible cancellation policy, which allows you to cancel your trip free of charge, in order to adapt your plans and travel at a more convenient time.

In addition, the platform also reinforced concerns related to the cleaning and disinfection of its vehicles and created a set of good practices for owners and renters.

The main recommendations are the disinfection of the vehicles before and after the rental, disinfection of the various elements/equipment of the vehicle, the use of gloves and masks at check-in/check-out and the users’ safety distance during these moments.

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