Yescapa created an application for the stabilization of motorhomes

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Are you one of those afraid to sleep uncomfortably in a motorhome? Yescapa has the solution. In everyday life, sleeping well is essential – and even more so on vacation. For this reason, Yescapa, the intermediary platform for the rental of motorhomes and campervans, has developed an application that helps to stabilize the motorhome or campervan in order to make sure that the vehicle is well parked.

According to experts, it is important to get a good night’s sleep and, above all, quality sleep. With the Level app, you can be sure that your vehicle is well parked and that you can recharge your energy peacefully to continue your journey. Through the application, the user can more easily stabilize the vehicle, thus increasing comfort and safety during holidays. All you need to do is enter the vehicle dimensions and place the mobile phone in the vehicle. On the mobile phone screen, you will have access to the unevenness and whether it is slight or accentuated, in information presented by colors (green, orange or red).

In addition to the Level application, users can download the Yescapa application, in which they can search for the motorhome or campervan ideal for themselves, as well as make rental requests, manage directly via their mobile phone and chat with the owner. Both applications are available for free download from the App Store and Google Play.

“At a time when the pandemic still requires some restrictions, motorhomes are a safe way to travel, enabling social distance. It is also an opportunity for the Portuguese to get to know their country a little better, with its great landscape, cultural and gastronomic diversity”, says Maria Liquito, Country Manager at Yescapa Portugal. “This application seeks to respond to one of the needs of motorhome drivers, so, in this way, we seek to contribute to a greater comfort for our travelers”.

The platform provides travelers with a rental contract and rental insurance and travel assistance 24h/7, which is a unique service in the market.

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