“You are a public health agent”, remembers DGS

Supported by Guess What and Addmore

The care to be taken in the workplace, the need to resist the urge to organize and attend parties, the need to reinvent leisure moments, away from crowds or the possibility of going to the beach, with caution, are the key messages of the new awareness campaign of the General Directorate of Health. Available between the end of June and July, the campaign has the creativity of the advertising agency Addmore and is composed of radio spots, with the voices of Rui Unas and Catarina Miranda.

Always under the concept “You are a public health agent“, the campaign focuses on practical examples from day to day, in a time of uncertainty: “If you were wearing a mask and distant from others, do not facilitate lunch“; “Do not combine parties or meetings with many people” or “The best programs don’t have to be in a crowd“.

After a first campaign phase, from March to April, under the motto of confinement – care and attitudes to be taken, we now design a moment of awareness for the correct behaviours to be adopted in a different phase of the pandemic, targeting an age group younger, who should not let his guard down, and remain attentive to the dangers of Covid-19, ”says João Damas, from Addmore.

The digital strategy has the signature of Guess What, which, since the beginning of this week, with the support of a network of partner agencies, invited influencers to share, on their social networks, some of the information conveyed by DGS, arriving in a massive way, target audiences.

Alexandre Antunes, Director of Digital Communication at Guess What, reveals that “as in the first phase, we believe that the vast communities of followers of influencers will be impacted by these messages and contribute to a favourable evolution of the situation”.

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