Young entrepreneur opens BodyConcept and DepilConcept in Guarda

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A new stage in the life of the young entrepreneur Andreia Carmona begins, who, at the age of 24, opens a BodyConcept clinic today, and a DepilConcept clinic on May 11, in Guarda and streamlines the interior of the country with new jobs.

After the opening by other franchisees of DepilConcept clinics in the municipalities of Abrantes, Arruda dos Vinhos and Faro last March, it is currently the region of Guarda that has BodyConcept and DepilConcept clinics.

Andreia Carmona begins a new phase in her career as a franchisee and justifies that her choice was motivated by several reasons, namely family members: she inherited a gift from her parents and grandparents. The “entrepreneurial streak” manifested itself when she finished her master’s degree in Covilhã. “A strong desire to start a business started to emerge. I was asking what business could open, analyzing the contextual and transactional environment ”, says the young graduate.

Another decisive factor in “giving wings” to this entrepreneurial project was her experience as a client: “I have been a client of BodyConcept and DepilConcept for about 3 years and at one point I considered opening both clinics. As a customer totally satisfied with the services provided, I decided to move forward after a meeting with the founding and franchising company of the brands, and when clarifying all my doubts I was sure it was the right business: a leading brand in the market with growth both nationally as an international, betting on the latest technology and specialized professionals ”, he adds.

In addition to BodyConcept, Andreia Carmona decided to open a DepilConcept clinic because she believes that it is also necessary for the region to have a brand that conveys confidence to customers regarding permanent hair removal. Despite the current pandemic crisis, and consequent economic constraints, the new franchise guarantees that there is a need to invest, innovate and create new jobs, anticipating a positive future for the region.

For the time being, the BodyConcept and DepilConcept team at the Guarda clinics is composed of a BodyConcept technician/consultant, a BodyConcept technician, a BodyConcept consultant, a DepilConcept technician/consultant, and the store manager, the franchise itself. In the near future, it is expected to add more people to the team, which will increase employability in the region.

Both GrupoConcept, as well as the young entrepreneur Andreia Carmona, believe that the new openings in Guarda will bring a considerable increase in new jobs to the district and, consequently, will boost the region’s business fabric.

Like the positive scenario for the Guarda district, DepilConcept will have a notable expansion of the network of clinics from north to south of the country, which will translate into an increase in labor supply, with 70 new employees expected to be hired by the end of the year.

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