Young ‘pearl’ Guinean on the way to Benfica

Emerson Mendonça arrives in Lisbon at dawn on Sunday.

Benfica won the ‘race’ for Emerson Mendonça, which was being played by Portugal’s top three. The 19-year-old Guinean man arrives in Lisbon on Sunday for the under-23 team.

However, this is not the athlete’s first time on Portuguese soil. Emerson had already been in FC Porto four years ago, but bureaucratic, visa-related issues prevented him from remaining in the competition.

At the time, the blue and white club tried to resolve the issue to ensure the athlete’s stay but did not go as expected.

Emerson Mendonça, a player represented by Catió Baldé, arrives, at dawn on Sunday, at 4 o’clock, at Humberto Delgado Airport, in Lisbon.

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