Your Money Watcher lança novos cursos de formação online

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The Your Money Watcher© brand, with international operations in the field of personal financial education, begins the year with the launch of two online training programs for the general public on January 22 and 26. Courses are also available especially for companies.

Effective management of personal finances has always been important, but in the midst of a pandemic, it is essential. For this reason, Your Money Watcher © presents different programs, for individuals and companies, with the objective of encouraging reflection and presenting solutions on financial management. Through simple behaviors, principles and techniques with proven results, participants know possible ways to overcome financial challenges and plan their future.

The two programs for the general public will be held on the following dates: between January 22 and February 12 (training on Saturday mornings); and between January 26 and February 16 (Tuesdays at the end of the day). These are editions of the “Essentials Online” program, with a total duration of 4 hours each, spread over 1 hour per week for four weeks.

The course is aimed at people from 17 to 77 years old, being directed both to those who are facing financial difficulties at this time, and to those who are in a stable financial situation.

Your Money Watcher© also has, in its portfolio, training for employees of companies in online regime. The course dates will be scheduled on a case-by-case basis, in a program that also presents several advantages for participating companies: corporate social responsibility; productivity levels; cultural integration of employees; retention rate of people; professional awareness and skills in terms of management/finance.

Your Money Watcher© is a training center certified by the General Directorate of Employment and Labor Relations (DGERT), so this training for companies is considered professional training for the purposes of the number of hours of mandatory annual training by law for each employee.

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