YouTube Music available in Portugal

The music streaming platform YouTube Music, created by YouTube, a subsidiary of Google and accessible from May in the United States, is available in Portugal starting today.

“It’s all here, not just music videos, but also official albums, singles, remixes, live performances, covers and that kind of music hard to find that you can only get on YouTube,” according to YouTube on communicated today.

The company reports that the new streaming music service “available in Portugal from today” was “designed to listen to music, but against the background of the magic of YouTube: making the music world easier to explore and in a more personalized way than ever before. ”

“Whether you want to hear, see or find out – everything can be found in one place,” reads the statement.

On the platform, “thousands of playlists” are available depending on the musical genre, mood or activity “of who to access.

In addition, YouTube Music has available “smart search, so [who hears] to be able to find that song, even when they do not remember the name”, writing descriptions such as’ ‘hipster music with whistle’ or ‘rap music with flute’ “. In addition, it is also “possible to search for letters (even if they are wrong)”.

YouTube Music can be accessed for free, “ad-supported.”

For an “ad-free experience,” the company also makes YouTube Music Premium available in Portugal today, a “subscription system that lets you listen to music in the background and download” and does not include advertising.

This service has a cost of 6.99 euros per month.

YouTube Music Premium can also be accessed through computers, tablets, or mobile phones without an Internet connection. “What’s more, offline music selection automatically downloads songs you like, just in case you forget to do so,” the company says.

The YouTube Music platform is competing with, among others, Spotify and Apple Music.

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